Basket Weaving: The Art of Weaving From Natural Vegetation..

Our main products here are hand-woven baskets, created totally out of natural vegetation. Hogla leaves, Date palms and Jute fibre are some of the most sustainable & natural materials that are used to weave these beautiful & functional baskets. These plants are harvested and dried to convert into strips or fibers. These are then hand braided and woven into baskets by master artisans in Bangladesh.

Erstwhile an integral part of India & then of East Pakistan, today’s Bangladesh has been through genocide, floods, cyclones and political unrests, and the dense population is extremely impoverished. As a response to these events, many co-operatives & Fair Trade Organizations came up to provide craft trainings, health camps, social and economic development to empower artisans. SETU works with such partner artisans to help uplift economic standing of the local communities in Bangladesh.

Pl scroll below to check the products made by these artisans.