Art Of Tailoring: Sewing Together Shards of Life..

Though sewing seems to be a basic process of stitching together fabrics, it means the world to our artisans. Our stitching artisans mostly come from low-income urban community, while some of them are migrated from rural areas in search of livelihood. Sustainable & fair wages from tailoring allows them & their families to live a life of dignity. Because of this, their positions have become economically & socially enhanced. The artisans’ children are able to attend school, attain higher education and avail health facilities.

These artisans are based in urban northwest India. They sew upcycled denims, sari & cotton fabrics to create our beautifully repurposed and functional fabric products. They can sew everything, from garments to bags to fashion & home accessories. The fabric is sourced locally, including remnants and discards, checked for defects, washed and prepared for a new life. Men take the bulk of the machine stitching work; women work on finishing, embellishment, traditional kantha embroidery and hand stitching. Many fabrics created and embellished by other artisans that require complex stitching are also sent to this community for fine finishing details.

SETU ensures skill upgradation & sustainable livelihood opportunities for these artisans.

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