Awareness Workshop for Designers about Circular Design

The youth of today are going to be the torch bearers for tomorrow! With even a little guidance, they can bring about humongous change for a better world. It is important to invest in educating them and providing them with all possible exposure so that they can innovate and create new opportunities and solutions. Keeping this in mind, a session was organized for the young Design students of ‘Indian Institute of Craft & Design’, Jaipur. IICD is a renowned Design Institute, striving towards grooming Designers in the field of art & craft, with both undergraduate & graduate courses.

The session was on the ‘Role of Designers in Social, Economical & Environmental sustainability’. It emphasized on ‘Circular Economy’ as the need of the hour and the responsibility of designers and Circular Design in the realization of this model of sustainable economy. All leading Design schools of the world now focus on role of Designers in Circular Economy.

The session highlighted the importance of sustainability in product development and business, and how the concept begins from the Design part itself. Sustainable practices are of utmost importance in all processes, raw materials, packaging & the end product itself…and this can all begin from sustainable thought processes.

Fair Trade principles were also explained to the students. If the students want to make a positive difference in this world with their design skills, then they need to understand circular economy!