Hunger Alleviation Food Project during Covid Pandemic: Over 20,000 people fed till date…

SETU continued its Food distribution project even in the lockdowns of Covid-19. Wholesome & fresh food packets are being distributed to 200 poor laborers every day! This is a daily program. The food includes seasonal green vegetables & chapatis (Indian whole wheat breads), packed in a ready to distribute pack. The food is distributed with the help of local police (Shyam Nagar Police Station, Jaipur), who is a playing a commendable role in managing the crowd and ensuring social distancing & safety norms. Read More

SETU’s humanitarian initiatives in the times of Covid Crisis.. Free distribution of Masks to the underprivileged ..

SETU distributed 1300 masks, completely free of cost, to artisans & laborers in Jaipur, Rajasthan from 1st to 8th of July 2020. The beneficiaries include artisans, daily wage laborers, sweepers & cleaners etc. They also include roadside vendors who sell fruits & vegetables, roadside ironsmiths and sculptors. The masks are reusable, made from 2 layered, good quality cotton fabric & sewn by our women artisans, following all precautions and hygienic practices.Read More

Free Distribution of Grocery items to artisans in Orissa..

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world picture… it has changed our way of living, our job scenarios and almost everything around us!! Due to this pandemic, people who are worst hit are the ones living below the poverty line, the underprivileged people, daily wage earners & artisans, who are now finding it difficult to even manage their daily bread. For some, it is not only the pandemic that is making their lives miserable, but recent cyclones like “Amphan” have further created havoc in their lives. Many are now left homeless too with this double blow of Covid & cyclone. To support the artisan groups, on 31st May 2020, SETU distributed free grocery items to 100 families residing in Bhuvaneshwar and nearby villages of Jatni and Valinata. Read More

Covid Relief: Free distribution of essential commodities during Pandemic to Dhokra artisans.. (Orissa)

The present Covid 19 situation has ruined economies, taken a toll on the whole world and is still showing no signs of slowing down. In India, the daily wage laborers and the migrant laborers are among the worst affected. Consequently, the artisans are suffering and have to face tough challenges just to arrange two square meals a day! We, at SETU, are committed to support them to make their lives a little easier. To fulfill this objective, on 26th May 2020, we distributed free of cost food packets comprising of essential items like groceries for 1 month and face masks to 80 families in the Dhokra artisan group.Read More

Hunger Alleviation Food Project

With the commencement of the year 2020, we have started a new Food Project, which is about hunger alleviation of the working poor. The Food project is a small step to feed the hungry & poor people. Our target beneficiaries are not beggars, but the poor, daily wage laborers who come every day from nearby villages in search of work. Many such laborers end up not getting work and they are left hungry and without any money to even commute back to their homes. Many are forced to sleep overnight on footpaths, even in winters, in the hope of getting work next day. So we are getting nutritious and wholesome food freshly made for such unfortunate people. The food includes seasonal green vegetables, lentil daals, 4 chapatis (Indian whole wheat bread) and jaggery/banana. Read More

Helping the flood victims of Godavari Delta Women Lace Artisans Co-operatve..

A lot of our women artisans, engaged in crotchet work for their livelihood, are based in the West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. The area is flood prone and every year a large number of families are affected by the devastating floods. Natives are trying to migrate to cities like Hyderabad and Chennai for better employment opportunities. In October 2019 , the floods wreaked havoc and many artisan families were displaced. The artisan families were faced with inundated floods and lost their houses, personal belongings, everything…Left with nothing to survive on, they were forced to live in make-shift tents with lack of even the basic necessities like drinking water, food and hygienic surroundings.Read More

Block Printing Workshop

To generate awareness on the history, hard work, techniques and intricacies involved in producing various types of block prints, a three day workshop was organised by Shilpi handicrafts at Jawahar kala Kendra, Jaipur. The event was inaugaurated by our very own team head Ms. Rashmi Dhariwal. It span over a period of three days from 14th to 16th april 2014. Block printing artisans from Bagru and Sanganer participated in the event. Rashmi, addressed the session and shared her views on the importance of hand block printing in modern times. She … Read More

SETU helps flood victims of Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

In the year 2013, Andhra Pradesh witnessed heavy incessant rains in many parts of the state .One of our partner artisan groups,crotchet lace making women artisans; are based in Narsapur, a tiny township in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Consistent rains across the state led to drastic floods in the Godavari river. Our artisans went through a tough time as they fought for their lives. Hundreds of villages had to be marooned in West and East Godavari districts due to the incessant rain and flooding of rivulets. Due to grim …Read More

Team head Rashmi speaking at TEDx JNTU Kakinada

Team head Rashmi speaking at TEDx JNTU Kakinada (21 Aug 2010) TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas worth Spreading. TED Conference invites the world’s leading thinkers and doers to speak for 18 minutes. It has many versions in India under the name of TEDx One such event was organized at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh accompanied with the theme “awakening young India” in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, where Rashmi was invited as honorary speaker. To know more about TED visit www.tedxjntuk.com SETU consortium team head … Read More

DSS Flood Relief

DSS Flood Relief Towards the end of October, 2008, there was massive flooding due to heavy rains in the Mahanadi basin in Orissa and Chhatisgarh. The flooding affected mostly the districts of Puri, Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Khurda, Nayagarh, Boudh, Kalahandi, and Rayagara. 2 million people were displaced as a result. SETU consortium donated money to their cause and arranged for medical care of the victims through their partner NGO (Darabar Sahitya Sansad (DSS) in Orissa. They immediately started attending to the needs of …Read More