Infrastructural Development

Infrastructure support: A SETU initiative to help the wood carvers

SETU strives to help our partner artisan groups by providing required infrastructural and skill related guidance and support whenever needed. One of our partner artisan groups in Hapur, engaged in making beautiful wooden boxes & blocks carved with intricate and delicate designs. The group lacked the necessary infrastructure and was therefore unable to compete in market, in terms of cost & productivity.
For even basic processes, artisans had to travel faraway places and this consumed a lot of time and energy. All processes were manual and involved unnecessary slogging. They also lacked a work shed and were forced to work in open, braving heat & rain. They were not able to make the desired designs and sometimes too much delays, even leading to the cancellation of their orders. Read More

Sponsoring machinery for increasing productivity of bone artisans.. Infrastructural support for artisans..

In a bid to improve their skill sets and productivity, SETU is always committed to support the artisans in every possible way. In the month of August, Setu sponsored Compressor machinery for our artisans making bone jewellery.. The group is engaged in making rare and beautiful jewelry & other artifacts' from bones. In the past, the group was facing a pollution problem at the workplace in which a lot of bone dust was emitted while making the produce, which could cause health issues . We installed pollution control system at the workplace which solved the problem significantly. Now, the artisans work in a dust free environment and are very happy with our support..Read More

Celebrating World Environment Day.. Supporting Green Processes by underprivileged artisan groups..

SETU is committed to support ecofriendly products and processes. For this, we support & encourage artisan groups to manufacture products using recyclable & sustainable raw materials and thus contribute towards reducing our carbon footprints. One such group is a women's Self Help Group based near Bharatpur, Rajasthan. SETU has trained these women to create beautiful bags, multipurpose doormats, rugs and baskets from used textiles & saree fabrics, jute and worn out cloth rags. We provide a marketing platform to the group for … Read More

Installation of saw-dust control systems for wood carving artisans… Another initiative towards ensuring artisan health & safety…12

SETU is committed to improve the working conditions and processes of our partner artisans. Ensuring artisan health & safety is one of our primary objectives. And for this, we schedule regular team visits to our associated groups. Last year, in the month of December-18, SETU team (including our CEO Rashmi Dhariwal) visited one of our partner artisan groups engaged in making a varied range of wooden products. We discussed the workplace conditions and any issues of concern faced by the group. It was found that they were in urgent need of …Read More

Infrastructural support to the wood carving artisans..

As part of the artisan development program, SETU team visited our wood carving partner artisan group based near Bijnor, (U.P.) in the month of December 2018. The group is associated with us since many years and is engaged in making hand carved wooden products. Earlier, we had conducted skill upgradation workshop for the young artisans of the group, thus helping them becoming self-employed so that they can support their families. Upon visiting, SETU team interacted with the artisans working with the group. Upon interaction, it came to light … Read More

Providing Infrastructural support to the wood carving artisans..

With an objective to support the underprivileged artisan groups by providing them with required infrastructure & reduce artisan drudgery, SETU team had visited its wood carving artisan group based inU.P. in April 2018. Upon interacting with artisans & assessing the work place, it was found that artisans lacked the basic infrastructure like work shed, machinery & tools & even a storage place to safekeep the finished products. They had to work in open, without adequate tools & their finished goods were prone to damage by … Read More

Providing machinery support to the jewelry making artisans, thus increasing their productivity & quality..

The craftsmanship of Indian artisans in making beautiful pieces of jewelry is acknowledged worldwide. Also, because Indian men and women are so fond of adorning themselves with ornaments which makes the art of jewelry designing and producing, our forte. The artisans engaged in the production of silver jewelry belong majorly to west Bengal. With the changing scenario in modern times, these people are forced to migrate to other urban cities in search of more lucrative & sustainable jobs. Many such migrated artisans can be found in cities like … Read More

Tailoring centre for underprivileged women artisans.. Another step towards promoting self-sustainability …

With the objective of providing self-employment opportunities to the underprivileged women artisans, a training centre was started at the Sanjay Nagar slum area of Jaipur, about 4 months back. A lot of women here have already learnt various skills & are able to produce bags, buntings and a range of other home decor items. Looking at the interest of many women & to add more skill sets, a tailoring set-up was also extended at the Training Centre. The objective was to train those who are new to this work but want to learn the basics of …Read More

Providing Infrastructural aid to Jewellery making Artisan Group….

SETU works with a number of artisan groups based in diverse parts of the country. Many of the artisans working in these groups come from lower income strata of the society and need help and support in a range of issues related to their work and family. One such artisan group, based in Wazirabad, is working with us for the last five years. The female artisans are skilled in doing beautiful embroidery work, creating ornaments, jewelry, painting, sewing etc. However, the male artisans do the heavy duty work with metals and metallic surfaces. The … Read More

SETU Training Centre for underprivileged women artisans

SETU has been working towards the development of skill sets among the women artisans, thus empowering them to create a sustainable and dignified living for themselves. With this objective, a training center was started in the urban slum areas of Jaipur on 17th of October 2018. The objective of starting the center in the slum area came out of the idea that majority of the women reside here and having the center in the vicinity makes it convenient for them to participate. It is a multi-skill center, with expert trainers being appointed for …Read More

Infrastructural Aid to Blue Pottery Artisans… Reducing artisan drudgery , improving work & process efficiencies

One of the major objective of SETU's work spectrum is to help artisans improve their working conditions & work processes. The main motive is also to reduce human drudgery, & improve process efficiencies. There is also a need to optimize raw material & fuel consumptions & improve quality. These parameters are important to achieve all 3 aspects of sustainability, viz economic, environmental & human/social. SETU has been working with blue pottery artisans, based near Jaipur (Rajasthan) since past three years. SETU is always … Read More

Providing advanced machinery & fostering Market Readiness… an endeavor of SETU/ Kallista to uplift the Silver Jewelry artisans..

Since ages, different forms of craft work have been practiced in India and widely appreciated across borders. This is true for Indian silver jewelry & artifacts as well.. Indian men and women have an unmatched inclination towards gold and silver jewelry. Gold & silver are also passed on from generation to generation as heirloom collection! However, with the changing times, people indulged in jewelry making as their ancestral businesses are now shifting to new job avenues in search for better monetary gains. Here, we are talking about … Read More

Celebrating World Earth Day at SETU..

Earth Day is observed every year on April 22nd worldwide. Various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, more than 193 countries are now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network. At SETU, we celebrated the day in association with one of our partner artisan groups engaged in hand printing & dyeing work. The group is working with SETU for the past many years and is based at Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The artisans make beautiful designs in block print & shibori on cotton & silk … Read More

Tailoring Centre for the women artisans

To achieve the long term objective of empowering the women artisans by making them proficient in skill based work, SETU opened a tailoring centre at Malikpur Dhani. The women artisans are associated with SETU for the past many years and earlier have also been part of our learning initiatives project for the elderly, where the women have successfully learnt how to read & write. To achieve women empowerment in true sense, our next step was to make them self-sustainable. SETU has already been training them for doing hand 'kantha' stitching …Read More

Installing Dust control systems for the jewellery making artisans… Ensuring artisan health & safety..

dust-removal-project-1 At SETU, we believe in ensuring a safe, healthy and eco-friendly working environment for our partner artisans. This is very essential as the quality of environment in which the artisans work, directly & indirectly impacts their health. The craft work sometimes create dust and smoke that may have an adverse affect on the health of the artisans. Similar scenario was observed when SETU team visited our bone jewellery making artisan group near Moradabad. These artisans make jewellery & other decoratives from bones & horn procured … Read More

Providing Infrastructural aid to the copper Bell Making artisans in Kutch…

In addition to the socio-economic aspects, SETU also strives to ensure healthy & comfortable working conditions for the artisans. A lot of artisans still endure harsh working conditions due to lack of suitable resources and infrastructure. With our process of need identification, regular visits and continuous interaction with artisans, SETU tries to identify such deficiencies and initiate suitable projects. And thus, during one of our team's visit to Kutch, it was observed that some of the bell making artisans have to work in the open, with … Read More

Workshop on women’s rights & Free distribution of Solar Lanterns…..

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. SETU celebrated the occasion with the underprivileged women artisan community of Barmer, Rajasthan engaged in embroidery and appliqué work. SETU is associated with the artisan community since past many years. The artisans of the region are facing an acute shortage of electricity which is hampering their quality of life. Many homes do not have electricity and where power is available, the power cuts are quite frequent and the artisans have to carry out craft work and their … Read More

Education Centre at Milakpur Dhani for the women artisans

With the objective of making underprivileged women self sustainable and spreading awareness on the importance of education, SETU has been running 2 education centres for the women, especially focussing on adult education i.e., providing education to the illiterate women in the age group of 18- 50 years. Both the centres have been successfully running since over a year and the participants have benefitted greatly and are able to read & write, even getting jobs! In the series, another literacy centre has been started for the kantha stitching …Read More

Ensuring safe & healthy working conditions for our bell making artisans in Kutch..

Sponsoring of technically upgraded furnaces.. SETU works with numerous bell making artisans, which is their traditional craft and the sole source of livelihood generation. They have been practising this craft from ages. They make beautiful and sonorous bells that form an important part of our product line. The traditional craft of bell making is a highly skilled & complex process. This involves curing of metallic bells under high temperature. The artisans use home-made small ovens/'chulhas' which generate a lot of smoke and heat up the … Read More

Computer Training Centre for our wood carving artisans & their families..

Making Computer Education accessible to the artisans.. SETU focuses on the overall development of artisan groups and organizes a wide spectrum of need based development programs on a regular basis. One of the long term objectives of SETU is to make computer education accessible to the artisan groups & their families residing in remote village areas. Evidently, in today's fast paced world, having the knowledge of computers is very essential in every field of work. Without computer knowledge, a person feels handicapped even if he/she is …Read More

Illuminating lives of Paper mache artisans of Kashmir.. Installation of solar Battery backup for the artisans..

In the scenic landscape of Kashmir, one of the traditional craft forms practiced widely is Papermache, that comprises of making beautiful and functional products by recycling of paper. The craft form is the sole source of income for many of the artisan families in the valley. As known to all, the region recently faced devastation caused by the floods in the past months and is trying to recover from the aftermath. But the damage done is huge and artisans would take time to fully recuperate. The Indian government is not leaving any stone … Read More

“Imparting Computer Training to the Artisans” On route to being tech savvy….

SETU is associated with many women artisans doing appliqué and embroidery works, braving poverty as well as the harsh conditions of the Thar Desert region in west Rajasthan. Opportunities for livelihood and development are low. SETU tries to make them self-sustainable by partnering with them and helping them to develop new products & providing marketing platform for the products they create. In these remote desert areas, people do not have access to even basic facilities like clean drinking water, proper sanitation and proper shelter. In …Read More

Providing modern furnaces to the copper bell artisans of Bhuj, Kutchh… ensuring artisan health and safety..

Bell making is a traditional craft of the Muslim Luhar community residing in the Kutchh region of India. The art form is the sole source of income for the majority of the local population here. The work is carried out by the entire family involving women artisans also. In order to make these artisans self sustainable and to provide them a market platform , SETU has partnered with the local NGO Khamir. Copper bell making is a complex process involving many steps like sheet cutting, sheet moulding, bridging and lapping. The bells are heated … Read More

Million Litre Water Saving Project

Environmental Sustainability Initiative taken by SETU ( August 28, 2012) We are associated with artisans engaged in hand block printing of cotton fabric, especially in the desert areas of Rajasthan. This is their traditional art followed from generations and is their main source for livelihood. During printing of the fabric, ample quantity of water is being used & wasted depending upon the volumes. ( 5 ~20 million liters/ annum). This is a wastage of precious natural resources, especially in desert area, where clean water is accessible … Read More

“Illuminating lives”- Solar Light Project

“Illuminating lives”- Solar Light Project (24th March 2011) Installation of solar lights in 100 households in the desert areas of Rajasthan (near Indo- Pak Border) Our much awaited solar light project took final shape on 24th of March 2011. It was way back on our last visit to Rajasthan when the project was initialized.Under this project, 100 households were provided with solar lanterns in the remote villages of Rajasthan namely Bindani, Bijarad, Navtala and Sarupe ka tala. The beneficiaries of the project are all women artisans working … Read More

Visit to woodcarving artisans

Visit to woodcarving artisans: SETU team also visited our wood carving artisans of HSSS. Our beautiful earring stands, wood eyeglass holder and many other wooden products are made by this group. We interacted with the artisans and tried to found out their problems while working. Most of the artisans are quite happy with their work reason being now they have more orders, i.e., more & regular work which was not the case earlier when they were not associated with SETU. Also, facilities like advance payments have changed their life for … Read More

Solar Panels Illuminate Desert Villages – Meeting the energy needs of rural, desert villages

Solar Panels Illuminate Desert Villages – Meeting the energy needs of rural, desert villages The artisan group that creates all of our appliquéd products is scattered throughout several desert villages, far away from cities. Living away from modern infrastructure is challenging because there are no energy plants or cables for distributing energy nearby. This means that our artisans in these areas have no access to electricity. SETU consortium has an ongoing project to provide each house in at least 2 of the villages with a solar … Read More